The Magic Keyboard is the first iPad Pro keyboard that I’ve been happy with.

This accessory is astronomically priced at $450 CAD (with tax), even in a time where $230 CAD Smart Keyboards have been normalized. Prices got stupid in 2015, and they’ve been stupid ever since.

But, damn it, I do like this keyboard-and the reason I like it so much is because I’ve taken the scenic route to get here.

iPad keyboards of yore

The iPad used to have a pretty healthy ecosystem of keyboard makers. I particularly liked the Adonit Writer 2, Belkin’s QODE Ultimate Pro, and Logitech’s Ultrathin. These all brought something a little different to the table: adjustable angles, vertical stands, or clever…

Let’s get unequivocal: the AirPods Pro are one of my favourite pieces of consumer tech from the past few years.

I think the last time I felt this way about a gadget was the first time I got an Apple Watch. I loved the Watch for silent timers and alarms, and I have loved these AirPods Pro for the noise cancelling and universal connectivity ever since I bought them in late 2019.

The $329 CAD price tag does bug me because they are very expensive for in-ear headphones. I would love for other family members and friends to be able to experience this product for themselves, but the price is high enough that most of the people in my circles…

Last year I wrote about my experience with the first generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro. At the end of that post I wondered if I would change iPad sizes the next time round.

Spoiler: I did.

I can’t say that I have zero regrets about changing iPad sizes. There are moments when I see the 12.9-inch screen in videos and I love the idea of all that space for browsing and trying video editing via Lumafusion. It looks like the future and something I could embrace. But that feeling of regret is short-lived.

I quickly remember:

  • how few iOS apps can properly make use of the extra space
  • how tiring it became to reach up to the top of a 12.9-inch screen because keyboard shortcuts aren’t common enough.
  • and how heavy the Smart…

I’ve been in love with the Hard Graft 2Unfold ever since I saw it featured on I’ve owned the bag for about a year now, and its sturdy construction, surprising storage capacity, and terribly clever design have made it a joy to use every single day.

It took a while for me to muster up the courage and the cash to make this purchsae. The 2Unfold’s asking price is 459 Euro (approximately $700 CAD), so it is definitely an investment. …

Thomas Wong

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